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Santiago Uribe
June 22, 2018

Feature Friday: Integrate AppSheet Apps with Virtually Any Service!

Welcome back to Feature Friday! This week we are proud to announce AppSheet's new integration capabilities that make it easier for other services—or even other AppSheet appsto communicate with your apps.

We are also happy to announce our first dedicated Zapier integration which makes it so simple to define the type of actions you want to trigger with incoming integrations to your app. 

Feature of the Week: AppSheet Integrations

You can now integrate thousands of external services to AppSheet applications. AppSheet integrations rely on a powerful API for both incoming and outgoing communications. The API can be used to add, delete, and update table records as well as invoke any actions defined in the app.  


What are some uses for the integration feature? 

Integration is particularly powerful when you need to "inform" an AppSheet app of a change that happened elsewhere and want to use the new information to change the data in your app. For example:

  • After a payment is confirmed, you may want to update the status of a customer in your CRM AppSheet app.
  • After one of your field technicians finalizes a job and reports it in their field work app, you want to update another AppSheet app that tracks the number of hours it takes techs to complete jobs.
  • After a new FIFA World Cup score is reported, you want to get a push notification with the score in your custom-made AppSheet app that tracks World Cup results. 

There are thousands of other possibilities: from external services to AppSheet apps, and from AppSheet apps to external services. 

We'll keep sharing ideas and best practices about integrations in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

Other Goodies: Zapier App, Updates to Android, and Device Data Encryption


Zapier App

Zapier is available as an inbound channel in your AppSheet account. This will give Zapier access to any apps you want to enable with inbound actions. How to install it? Go to this link. We need lots of people trying it to get out of beta. So please try it out and give us your feedback.
Beta Page

Android Goodie #1: AppSheet Icon Actions 

If you have one of the latest versions of Android, you can do a long-press on the AppSheet icon to trigger quick actions. You'll see a list of recent apps used and you can drag and drop the icon to your home screen for quick access.

Android Goodie #2: In-App File Picker

For columns of type "File", Android users can now pick available files from their device. We're working on the iOS version of this feature, so stay tuned!

Device Data Encryption

Security-oriented users generally have their phones or app encrypted by the operating system and password-protect access to their phones. We recently introduced in-device encryption as an extra layer of security for apps and documents. Enable app-level encryption in the device by going to Security > Options > Encrypt device data.

What do you think about these features? Share your thoughts in community.appsheet.com.

See you next week!

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