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Santiago Uribe
July 21, 2017

Feature Friday: More Data? No Problem!

This week's Feature Friday showcases two updates from this week and two recent features that app creators are happily implementing in their apps.

The first announcement is our integration with Active Directory for application access. No need to keep lists of users, you can simply use groups in Active Directory to manage access to your apps. 

The second feature lets you manage multiple tables with the same structure and switch between them so you can scale out the data in your apps in spreadsheets, which is how you like to see your data.

The third and fourth features are recent additions that thousands of app creators are implementing in their apps today, and if you are not doing it...you should! We'll talk about the ability to change access rules to a table and the ability to copy rows in an app. 


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Active Directory Integration (BETA)

As part of our Enterprise Offerings, we've added the ability to manage access to AppSheet apps through Active Directory. You can now point an app to a specific group to only allow the members of the group to access the app. No need to keep a white-list of users in the app itself.


Active Directory.png

Find Domain Integration in your AppSheet Account Page and in Security > Domain Integration

Try it out or request a demo today!

Switch Between Tables

Let's say you have multiple sheets with the same structure, and those sheets are split by some criteria: city, user name, week, customer, etc. Having multiple sheets allows many app creators to have a clean view for a specific partition of the data. The only problem was that you had to create separate apps if you wanted to use each separate table. 

We're happy to introduce a new feature that lets you manage data partitioning in AppSheet. You can now bring multiple tables that have the same column structure and define rules that lets AppSheet switch between one table or another. 

The ability to manage data partitioning will let you scale out apps and enable new scenarios like splitting data per user and going beyond the row limits of your spreadsheet app.

This feature is available in our corporate plans. Request a demo today!

A couple of recent features you should be trying out today:

Dynamic Table Update Mode (Labs)

Every time you add a table, you can allow data to be added, updated, and deleted through the app. Setting the update mode used to be static, you set the rules once. Now you can make this dynamic with a formula. 


This feature is still in early stage and bound to have significant changes. We want your feedback to learn which scenarios would benefit from dynamically the update rules of a table.

Copy Rows


If you have rows in your table that you'd like to use to pre-fill a new form, the new Copy Row action is for you. This new feature enables you to copy all of the columns in a row with a single action button. When you click on Copy, you'll be taken to a form view where you can modify the data.

See you next week!


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