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Santiago Uribe
July 28, 2016

Create apps with the AppSheet add-on for Docs and Sheets, now on Android!

Great news for our Google Sheets app creators: It's now possible to start and create AppSheet apps directly from Google Sheets on Android devices!

The Google team recently introduced Android add-ons for Docs and Sheets and AppSheet is one of the first add-ons available. The add-on will let you connect Google Sheets and AppSheet in new ways, giving more power to your mobile data.


These features will help app creators manage their apps and capture data more efficiently. Check more details and how to use the add-on below.

The AppSheet Android add-on for Google Sheets lets you interact with your data in new and powerful ways by giving you quick access to the AppSheet apps available for that sheet or to even create a new one! Here's a summary of the functionality available at launch:

Interact with your Google Sheet in a custom mobile app

AppSheet lets you interact with your Google Sheets natively on Android. You can call phone numbers, view images, drill down on data, and even add new rows directly within the app.

Every sheet can have a companion AppSheet app, if it doesn't exist yet, use the add-on to create it. Once you have the app, you can launch it directly from the mobile add-on.


Quickly Add New Rows

Use the add-on to quickly add a row to a Google Sheet using AppSheet's interface. When you add a new row through the add-on, the available form interface in the app will appear so you can quickly add a new row of data and return to the Sheet.


Bonus: Use the Android add-on as your app Builder. 

If you want to start collecting rich data while on the go, start with a blank mobile Google Sheet and create a list of questions as the column headers in your sheet. Launch the AppSheet add-on and it will recognize the multiple column names to automatically give you better mobile interactions when capturing data. Try adding columns called location, signature, date, or picture to test rich data capture in your app. 

We're really excited with the possibilities that the Android add-ons bring to the AppSheet platform and will continue to search for new ways to help app creators interact with their data in a truly mobile way.

To try the add-on, which is only available on Android devices at launch, please use the links below. 

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