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Julia Guthrie
April 22, 2016

Celebrate Earth Day with These Inspiring Stories

It’s Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day we wanted to highlight a few of our users who are doing their part to make our world a cleaner, better place-- all with the help of custom mobile apps.

Check out their stories!



Dan Hudson with South Texas Solar Systems

Dan Hudson is an Operations Manager at South Texas Solar Systems Inc., an innovative, environmentally-conscious company that designs, manages, and installs renewable energy for residential and commercial customers. Dan is in charge of permitting, electrical and panel installation scheduling, ordering materials, hiring personnel, and business development; his field employees handle installation and data management of those jobs.

Dan built a mobile app with AppSheet so field employees could easily enter data from the field. The information inputted in the app is immediately synced back to a backend spreadsheet-- reaching Dan immediately and significantly cutting down manual data entry time and opportunities for human error.

The use of AppSheet has helped Dan and his team increase efficiency, save time, and ultimately, install more solar systems that help our environment and promote clean energy.


Christian Cain with Seattle Youth Garden Works

Though he no longer works with Seattle Youth Garden Works, former employee Christian Cain helped to truly revolutionize the organization by creating a mobile app to automate an integral process. Seattle Youth Garden Works-- a program of Seattle Tilth –empowers homeless and underserved youth through urban farm-based education, job skills training and employment.

Each spring, the program holds an eight-week working interview. During this trial period, youth gain valuable knowledge and experience around organic agriculture, food systems, teamwork, and the basics of having a job.

At the beginning and end of the program participants are asked to fill out a survey that asks questions about their current circumstances: whether they’re in school, employed, their housing situation, and nutrition practices. The data collected helps Seattle Youth Garden Works better hone its services and provide potential contributors with detailed program efficacy information.

Christian created an app students could use to input this information via an iPad instead of on paper-- a method that was inconvenient for everyone involved.

The use of AppSheet in the urban farming program has allowed the team to better analyze what the program is doing well, communicate more effectively with the outside world about the work they’re doing, and ultimately help more youth in need.



Nicolas Mory with the City of Westmount, Montreal

With a vibrant landscape of trees, forests, parks, as well as a commitment to sustainability, Westmount, Montreal’s environmental employees make great efforts to care for the city’s population of plants and trees.

One such agronomist is Nicolas Mory, whose job is to manage tree species and related arboricultural activities in the city.

Looking for a way to automate his processes, he created an app to test for Westmount-- and so far has been using it for around one year. He says the use of the app has “most definitely” had a positive effect on operations.

Without the app, Nicolas would to carry around paper folders in which to record the information. He’d later need to transcribe the data onto a computer database.

AppSheet allowed him to quickly create a system that meets his needs, allows him to be more efficient at his job, and spend more time taking great care of Westmount’s plant and tree population.

Hopefully these stories have gotten you thinking about your own contributions to our world, and how a custom mobile app might help!

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