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Sonal Amin
March 04, 2016

Monthly New Features: Google Maps, Slide Show View, Sync on Start, & More

We're constantly improving our product here at AppSheet. We have some exciting new updates to share with you, and know you'll love these new features and updates. Here are a few of the updates the team has been working on. 


Google Maps Integration

We now feature experimental support for Google Maps. Give it a whirl by activating "Use Google Maps" within the UX Options. The view is still in development, so check it out and let us know what you think. 

Note: this view is currently on by default. Eventually, we plan to transition fully to the new Google Map view, but we're keeping both options available for as we receive your feedback. 



Sync on Start

This is a new feature that many users have asked for. We're enabling an on-off setting to sync an app when it starts. It's initially off by default, but you can enable this in the App Editor by going to Settings --> Sync. Once enabled, the app automatically syncs every time it starts. This helps ensure that app users do not forget to manually sync their apps. Note: Ensure your app is online in order to sync and start without issues.

Team Collaboration

Multiple editors can now jump into an app and edit definitions in order to enhance collaboration.Enable this feature through the Manage -> Collaboration pane in the app editor. As the app owner, you can add other users who can view the app definition, or who can edit the app definition. Note that this feature will eventually be part of one of the paid subscription plans. Please be aware that it is recommended to have one user edit an app at any point in time. Dive in and give your entire team or group the power to shape and effectively work with apps. 

Table View 

List views have been upgraded to Table views with all of the great Table view features. There are several new benefits to this udpate including better performance scaling large record volumes, grouping by more than one column, organizing menu views in preferred order and more. See a full rundown of benefits and changes in this blog post

Product Experience Enhancements

We've also been improving certain elements of the user experience based on user feedback we've received. A list of a few:

  • Smoother scrolling to help you browse through your data swiftly.
  • Better performance in order to help app users have the best experience possible.
  • Communication buttons (email, phone, etc). have increased in size for ease of use.
  • Audit history - users are able to track and pinpoint where issues have occured within their their app with ease.

Be sure to check out the AppSheet Community for expert advice and tips. Also drop a note and give your feedback on these new features. 

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