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Christina Morales
 |  July 21, 2016

BuyOrBuild.jpgIn many circumstances today, the way we did business isn’t the way we do business anymore. Case in point, 3.7 million employees telecommute at least half of the time. Moreover, we’ve become a mobile workforce; in 2015 the scales tipped when one study found that the average Internet user spent 51% (2.8 hours) on their mobile device as opposed to 42% (2.4 hours) on a desktop computer. The times are changing and one of the biggest advances is the rise of the paperless employee.

Gone are the days when companies had storage rooms lined with metal filing cabinets or when annoyingly loud fax machines buzzed, beeped and shook to announce the arrival of an important document. You probably are already evolving into a paperless employee with a Google+ or DropBox account, but expense tracker and timesheet apps are two convenient solutions to become even more efficient in the mobile workplace.

Expense Tracker

Receipts can be a complete hassle regardless if you’re traveling abroad for business or if you are an employee that visits clients locally. They’re easy to lose, they can become a jumbled mess in your wallet, and it’s inconvenient to organize them when it’s time to submit the paperwork for reimbursement. If you’re one of the over 65% of American adults who own a smartphone, then all you need to do is download an expense tracker app. Just make a spreadsheet using Excel, Google Sheets, or other compatible data format, create categories such as date, amount spent, restaurant/store name, notes, mileage and take a picture of your receipt to confirm spending (because who can remember all of these details when you finally sit down at your desk?). 

An expense tracker can allow you to submit your expenses for reimbursement from anywhere and you have the added benefits of sorting charges by amount or date, you can compare expenses month by month, or you can manage your running total if you are required to stay within a set budget on the go. If you are a professional such as a lawyer or interior designer, you can also divide these expenses by client when it’s time to invoice.

Timesheet App

According to Global Workplace Analytics, “Fortune 1000 companies around the globe are entirely revamping their space around the fact that employees are already mobile. Studies repeatedly show they are not at their desk 50-60% of the time.”

With so many people away from the office, it can make employers a little nervous. With a timesheet app, you can easily see who has clocked in and is working on an assigned task. For example, if a contractor is meeting with a potential customer, you can confirm when he timed in and how long he spent reviewing the information with the person. The categories for this app could include time in, time out, total hours, rate per hour, total earned, and task worked on/client name. This is also helpful to ensure that employees’ hours are managed within the designated 40 hours per week to limit over time if needed. Additionally, a time tracker can help you to review employee output and progress to analyze productivity individually and as a team. Another benefit is that when a mobile employee is clocked in, you know it’s okay to contact him or her with a question (like if it’s after 5:00 pm). There are no timesheets to lose, calculate, or submit when all of the info is on a convenient app.

Picture1.pngCustom mobile apps are clearly valuable tools to manage employees in this age where workers are no longer confined to the walls of an office space. The capabilities to monitor employee spending and schedules certainly can bring peace of mind to any employer.  

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Christina Morales

Christina is a contributing writer for AppSheet. Her passion for writing is rooted in being inspired and challenged. In 2009, her love of creating content combined with her fascination with the world of technology and since then she has had the privilege of writing for a vast array of tech companies.

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