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Sopheak Neak

Recent Posts

How to Make a Smart To-Do list

  Smart todolist from AppSheet Nowadays, everyone is a busy bee with lots of activities, tasks, and events to keep track of. To keep on track, we leave countless sticky note reminders on our laptop, books, desk… pretty much everywhere. Our phone is filled with reminder notes and daily tasks are piling up in our calendar. Yet, we still tend to forget things. Reminders are often ignored as we’re too busy working or studying. For example, we get a reminder notification on our phone. We swipe right on the notifications and hide it because we’re in a meeting. The tasks in our calendar that we intended to finish after class remain “undone” because we had to catch the early bus. They, too, live in the abyss of forgotten things. What can you do to get all these activities and tasks completed? Why not make your own personal app! Build an app that reminds you of uncompleted tasks at the end of each day. You might be thinking, “I don’t have time for that! Building an app could take weeks and months!” Would it surprise you to know that building an app takes only ten minutes? Yep, ten minutes. Just follow this brief tutorial on building your own personal “smart” to-do list apps with SMS reminders sent right to your phone. Set your timer to ten minutes. Walk through the slides below and your app will be completed before the timer goes off. I’m not kidding! You might even beat my record. When you’re finished, tweet @appsheet and tell us how long it took you to build your app with #MadeAppUnderTenMinutes. Stay tuned to Features, Tips & Webinars for more new features and tips of making powerful apps.  

How to Build a Powerful Demo App – Robust Test Data is Key

While building sample apps with AppSheet is pretty easy, finding test data to drive the app can be a tedious process. Picture this: You are one day away from presenting a mobile app solution to your client. They are looking for a solution to manage their customer interactions for their business, an independent car dealership located in West Seattle. Your task: Build a demo app that addresses their specific needs. Creating the app is easy but to really showcase its power, you need a robust data set. Otherwise, it’s hard for clients or potential users to understand how it changes their business processes for the better. In other words, good test data sets lead to powerful sample apps. When it comes to “creating” data, you have 2 options: Build your own. You can pop an energy drink, take a sip, and type "Fake addresses" on Google Search. Before you know it, you've spent 4 hours creating fake customer names and addresses on a spreadsheet for a sample app. Let a data generator build it for you. With test data generators, you can quickly (in minutes rather than hours) create a sample data set that you can use to test app functionality, as well as identify bugs. What's a good test generator to use? Mockaroo. Mockaroo is a simple, user-friendly data generator that can provide small or large volumes of realistic looking data. It allows you to quickly build test data based on your own specifications. No coding is required (sounds familiar, right?). Example: Build a Sample App with Mockaroo Test Data in 3 Easy Steps Remember the car dealership in West Seattle? Let's build a realistic customer schema for the dealership on Mockaroo. Select the Data Types. There are more than 130 different data types on Mockaroo, ranging from Chinese first names to LinkedIn skills to dummy Image URLs.   Let's pick the First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Email Address, Date, Car Make, Car Model, and Car Model Year data type for the customer management app. Done? One step down, two more to go! Choose an appropriate Format. With Mockaroo, you can define the number of rows you'd like to generate as well as the format of the schema. There are numerous data formats ranging from CSV, JSON, SQL, to a simple Excel spreadsheet. For this app, let's import 500 number of rows into an Excel spreadsheet.  Finally, take a sip of your energy drink, and click on the green "Download Data" button. (One second later...)  And there you have it! 500 rows of car-related customer data. Build your App. Now that you’ve got the hard part out of the way, import the test data schema into AppSheet and you have a robust sample app! Impress Your Clients or Users with Mockaroo Within less than 5 minutes, you have a functional customer management app to present to clients or users. Your sample app is filled with realistic looking data that keeps all stakeholders engaged. Building app prototypes for clients or users has never been easier. With test data generators like Mockaroo, you can easily demonstrate the power of AppSheet features to stakeholders. Ready to close another deal? Try Mockaroo today. Other blogs you might find useful: How to Build an App to Manage Your Event, How to Create an App for Your Business, How to Improve Company Communication Using a Mobile App, Mobile Sales: How to Organize Your Info on Just One App Stay tuned to Features, Tips & Webinars for more new features and tips of making powerful apps.