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Sonal Amin

Sonal is Marketing Manager at AppSheet. She is a growth marketer at heart and values great customer experiences. In the past, she has built several memorable digital experiences for a wide range of brands.

Recent Posts

How Toyota Drives Productivity at Their Manufacturing Plant Using AppSheet

It's not surprising that the Japanese automobile manufacturer constantly looks for ways to perfect its vehicle assembly process.

The company realized that a mobile application would enable it to gather data from their assembly lines and unlock valuable insights. They turned to AppSheet, a lean app-building platform that dovetails with Toyota’s own lean philosophy. 

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The Biggest Mobile Trends You Need to Know in 2017

Last year, mobile became a dominant digital platform, and adoption of the technology has exploded. Apps are more important than ever for businesses striving to engage with their consumers, employees, operations and suppliers.

Our latest white paper - Mobile App Trends: What to Know for 2017 draws insights from AppSheet user data and leading industry research to spotlight the 7 trends that we believe will shape mobile app development for businesses in 2017.

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A Guide to Empowering Citizen Developers & Launching Business Apps

Something incredibly transformational is emerging: the advent of the “citizen developer.” You may or may not have heard the term. Our newest white paper, Empowering Citizen Developers: A Guide, walks you through everything you need to know and how to empower these employees to create powerful apps that benefit the whole organization. Here, we'll give you a snapshot of the steps you should take. 

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Configuring Security & Privacy of Your Apps


In case you missed it, we hosted our Deep Dive Webinar on Security and Privacy  last week. Catch up on everything we discussed. 

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How to Successfully Deploy Your Apps


In case you missed it, we hosted our Deep Dive Webinar last week.  Catch up on everything we discussed. 

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