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Rich Ellis

Rich is the Owner of CryptoCoach. At CryptoCoach we offer quick/agile App development for your business workflow. Transform any paper-driven, spreadsheet or email workflow into a mobile or desktop experience for your team. We also help you tap into a fast-growing community of Cryptocurrency users and learn how to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum or other Cryptocurrencies at your business. There are several Point of Sale (POS) options available ranging from direct payment of crypto to setting up payment processors that will automate conversion from Crypto to US Dollars directly to your bank account or cash in hand. CryptoCoach's mission is to help business and individuals navigate the rapid change in today's world. We live in a time of another great renaissance where automation will replace repetitive human labor, cryptocurrencies will subvert central banking and the perceived world of unlimited resources will see actual limits.
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