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Nancy Powaga

Nancy Powaga

Nancy helps app creators build and learn with AppSheet.
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Posts by Nancy Powaga

There’s a Workplace App for That

Ah, the 2000s, the decade that introduced us to TheFacebook.com, the Black Eyed Peas, and ...

Five Must-Have Features of a Digital Punch List

If you’re looking to create a construction punch list, it means that you’re close to the e...

Digitized Asset Tracking, Dispatch, and More: How Apps Are Changing the Utilities Industry

Digital transformation is now a top priority in the utilities industry, where companies ar...

Why IT Security Departments Love No-Code Platforms

Oil and Gas Goes Digital: Achieving Operational Excellence in 2020

Oil and gas enterprises touch nearly every aspect of the global economy, as well as indivi...

How Apps Have Improved Five Key Aspects of the Construction Industry

What would the construction industry be without great tools and processes? After all, this...

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