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Melanie Grano

Melanie is a contributing writer for AppSheet. She covers mobile computing, storage as well as the good and bad of tech. Trained as a tech journalist and copywriter, Melanie has loved technology for most of her life and is passionate about the written word.

Recent Posts

The 9 Best App Analytics Tools

Ever wondered why the number of people using your app suddenly dropped? Or why your app isn’t generating as much revenue as you thought it would? Blind guessing will not help. But if you implement an analytics tool in your app, the answer could be revealed to you quickly and effectively.

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The 6 App Development Best Practices To Follow When Using AppSheet

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How UI Design Can Make or Break Your App

Gone are the days when customers would visit stores to inquire and to buy products and services. Thanks to the internet revolution, customers are now able to visit stores virtually to view items and to purchase them from anywhere, at any time. This transformation has been expedited in part by the mobile movement. With smartphones, tablets, phablets and mobile devices, e-commerce and e-business will continue to thrive. For this reason, mobile app development will be on the rise.

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The Best Corporate Apps And Why They Work

With mobile devices now a focal point in business, our professional lives have been invaded by the ever present smart device. The emergence of utility and productivity apps, tools, games and endless types of pursuits, have unleashed a generation of workers who are inclined towards a digital lifestyle. It always helps to learn from the best in the business.

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Wearable Technology Presents Unique Challenges to App Developers

Analyst firm IDTechEX predicts that the wearable tech market would reach $39 billion by the end of 2016 and $150 billion by 2026. CSI Insight reports that a total of 411 million wearable devices valued at $34 billion would be sold in 2020. MarketsandMarkets also predicts that the wearable technology by 2020, would grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.8%. Today, fitness tracker devices alone are worth $700 million and hold 61% of total wearable devices. Looking at these numbers, it is evident that the wearable technology is making inroads into our lives.

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