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Kendrick Lu

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Three Inspection Apps that Streamline and Automate House, Factory, and Equipment Inspections

Let’s face it – inspections are hard. Whether you’re checking up on a house, a yacht, a factory, or a construction site, there are several obstacles in your way. Inspections can be undermined by human error; on-paper inspections can lead to mistakes, lost or misplaced data, and a frustratingly constant feeling of inefficiency. Add deadlines to the mix, and the drawbacks of an on-paper solution become even more apparent.  AppSheet can be harnessed to address those problems. In this article, I will introduce three free sample apps that can help streamline your inspections: A house inspection app, a factory inspection app, and a monthly equipment inspection app. Each app uses a unique feature of AppSheet to meet the challenges of conducting an inspection. Let’s take a deep-dive into how they do so—maybe you’ll find something that you can apply to your own business operations. House Inspection App Workflows allow you to create automatic actions within your app, triggered by a certain event. In this app, you can go from room to room in the house and inspect each one for safety; if a room fails an inspection, a workflow email will be triggered. This workflow email will indicate that a recheck is required of that room, thus leading to a comprehensive evaluation of the whole house. Workflows can also be utilized in a variety of other ways. You can use them to send file attachments, SMS messages, and push notifications from the app. With workflows, your creativity is your ceiling! Factory Inspection App This app uses map view to display inspections upon a map of the factory floor. Each dot represents an inspection report. You can open up a report by clicking on a dot, and see photos, inspection date and time, and other important information. You can upload your own maps—check out the ‘KML Layers’ section of the Working with Maps doc for more details.  This app is also a great example of the variety of views that AppSheet offers. Check out the dashboard view (Dashboard) and the gallery view (Journal) on the primary menu. Monthly Equipment Inspections  This app uses barcode and near-field communication scanning to keep track of electronic devices within an organization. These two features speed up equipment identification within a split second—you can see when a certain item was checked out, when it is due, and which user is in possession of it. You can also mark a certain item as invalid by pressing the thumbs-down button on each item’s detailed view. Sign off on the accuracy of an inspection by using our Signature feature. The app also uses drop-down menus using data validation, called an ENUM or ENUMLIST. By clicking on Equipment ID of the item’s detailed view, you can view a list of pre-existing equipment IDs. This can help speed up the inspection process by sparing users the need to type-in all of their findings.