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Cynthia Kenworthy

Cynthia is a Seattle-based journalist and writer specializing in technology, business and healthcare.

Recent Posts

6 Often Overlooked Advantages to RMAD

Demand for mobile apps is insatiable right now, so organizations are under intense pressure to increase capacity to build them quickly.

Many companies are turning to no-code app development platforms like AppSheet because they make it easy to develop an app without a professional developer. Rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools reduce demands on IT departments and enable line-of-business users to build their own apps, especially for highly targeted needs and workflows.

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Most apps lose nearly 90% of users in the first week: Use analytics and don’t be one of them

You did your research on what your audience wants, you squashed the bugs and at last, your mobile app is ready. Congratulations…but it’s not time to relax.

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Do Citizen Developers Represent a Threat or Opportunity for IT Departments?

With the rise of low-code and no-code development tools, ordinary business users with little to no technical expertise are taking it upon themselves to build applications, heralding the era of the so-called citizen developer.

These DIYers fill a critical role as IT departments struggle with insufficient staff and resources to meet all the demands put upon them, In fact, a survey by IBM in 2014 found that 80 percent of cutting-edge enterprises were turning to citizen developers to plug these gaps.  

This revolution parallels the broader trend toward self-service in IT and offers enterprises clear benefits. But there are also risks, leading many to question whether citizen developers will ultimately prove a threat or an opportunity for corporate IT.

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