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Mary Ludloff
January 22, 2018

AppSheet Featured in Buzzfeed: Praveen's Words of Wisdom on Starting a Company


AppSheet CEO Words of Wisdom.jpegI'm a fan of retrospectives. You often get a different perspective when you view an artist's work over time as there's an evolutionary aspect that can get lost if you only focus on a particular period. The same can be said for startups.

We began the AppSheet journey in 2014 and it has been an action-packed three years (and counting!). By its very nature, working in a startup is all about moving forward: what needs to be accomplished to reach the next goal. Rarely do you get the opportunity to reflect. But recently, Praveen (AppSheet's CEO and Founder) was given just that opportunity in a recent Buzzfeed article.

In it, Praveen talked about the fives things he wished someone had told him before he started his business. My favorite thing: Work on something that matters to you. When you have some time, check out the entire article here. And for added fun, play the video we put together that highlights Praveen's "Words of Wisdom"!



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