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April 12, 2019

Feature Friday - Adjustable Dashboards & Deck Grouping

A challenge all app creators face is balancing the right amount of information exposed to app users at any given point.

Too much data & functionality in one place causes 'information overload', making it hard to focus on what's important and getting distracted by irrelevant content.

On the other hand, making app users 'drill-down' through layers to find singularly relevant pieces of information can create just as much friction and result in important information being overlooked.

A couple recent interface updates provide some more options for how to balance these priorities, and help ensure apps aren't just functional for users, but also more efficient. 

Adjustable Dashboards

Dashboards are useful for users accessing apps on devices with greater screen 'real estate', allowing the app to expose more relevant information & functionality in one place.

The layouts are pre-determined by the app creator in the AppSheet Editor, but are now also adjustable by the app user within the app itself, allowing users to customize the content of dashboard views when viewing as a 'web app' in their browser. These customizations are remembered per user when they revisit the dashboard.

Adjustable Dashboards

Try customizing this dashboard.

To create a dashboard view, first create a few independent view types, then create a 'Dashboard View' and select the other views to be consolidated within the dashboard. The example above consists of 7 separate views, combined into a dashboard that's opened as a browser web-app (5 pie chart views, a gallery view, and a detail view).

Since the data in each view is related, enabling 'Interactive Mode' in the Dashboard view settings will allow dashboard content to change dynamically as data points are selected.

Deck Grouping

Similar to Table grouping, Deck views can now be grouped, making it easier to quickly organize a list (ideally one that has image thumbnails). This can be setup for each Deck view by modifying the ‘Group By’ and ‘Group Aggregate’ settings:

Grouped Deck View



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