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Mary Ludloff
 |  April 01, 2020

covid-responseWe’re all in this together: from neighborhoods to cities to countries to the world, we are figuring out new ways to work, teach our children, make sure our first responders and neighbors are supported, help out with healthcare needs, and so much more. 

Many of our AppSheet community members have shared suggestions and feedback for apps that address problems they’re seeing at this time. In addition, community members have been responding to requests for help, as well as giving guidance and support to new app creators working on COVID-19 related apps. We’ve put into place a number of resources to make this process easier:

  • New COVID-19 category in the AppSheet Community.  This is the hub where new and existing customers, plus the AppSheet team, can share guidance and help others that are building COVID-19 related apps. The AppSheet team is actively monitoring this category.

  • AppSheet Sample App Directory with a new COVID-19 tab. The COVID-19 page features apps that were built to address crisis use cases. Some apps have been built by the AppSheet team, others by the AppSheet community. All community apps are vetted by the AppSheet team and can be previewed or copied for use. These are ‘Sample Applications’ that organizations can copy and use as a template for creating their own version of the application.

  • AppSheet COVID-19 resource page. This page provides links to all AppSheet support materials.

Additionally, all apps supporting the COVID-19 response will be made available on our platform at no cost to new and existing customers until December 31, 2020. We realize that the situation is very fluid so as needs change, we will review extending use of the platform at no cost as well as update these resources with the most current information. 

Many of you have approached us asking for support in making these kinds of apps available to everyone who needs them. Already, we have seen many use cases that our community or internal folks are working on that can have broad application. Our ask: We’d like your help in making every COVID-19 related app built on our platform available to others as a sample app. We believe that the use cases are very similar. For example, others could copy and customize a neighborhood support sample app instead of building their own. From the Sample Apps Launcher, you can submit your app for review. If it passes our process, we will include it in the COVID-19 category.  For more details on this process, go to our COVID-19 resource page.

Please use the COVID-19 category in our community as a support starting point for sharing your great work and feedback. We’re already seeing a lot of activity and want to thank members for pitching in! We are navigating through some uncharted waters but we know one thing for sure: now is the time to reach out and help our neighbors. Our thanks to all of you for doing just that!

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