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Santiago Uribe
April 05, 2016

Monthly New Features: Inline Views, Slideshow View, Private Tables & More

We introduced dozens of product updates to AppSheet over the last few weeks. Over 70 updates and fixes were released and we want to share some highlights with you. Read on for an overview of the changes we rolled out.

Slideshow View

Slideshow View is when you look at a single row of data in AppSheet. It enables you to scroll through all available records, one by one, while in that view. We've enhanced Slideshow View so you can provide a  richer app experience to your users. You can edit the details of a slideshow view by navigating to Advanced Editor > UX > New View

So, what's new in the Slideshow View? Lots!

  • Display Mode: You can choose to display the data of the row in Slideshow View in various ways: left aligned, centered, sans headers or side-by-side. 
  • Nested Rows: This feature lets you select the number of related items (via references) that would be displayed in the view. We dive into Inline Views a little later in this post. 
  • Column Order: Define the order in which you want to display your data. Only the columns selected will be displayed and they will be displayed in the order you specify. We've also added the option to include all the remaining columns in your app. (See below). 


Inline Views

If your app uses multiple tables that are connected to one other via references, Inline Views will show the related items in the Slideshow View. Choose how many related records to show in the view through the Nested Rows option in Slideshow View (the number can be 0 if you don't want to show any related records). 


With Inline Views, you can view all the related records or even create a new related record from within the same view. In more technical words, you'll be creating a relational database with AppSheet and Inline Views will help you see the data directly in your main views. Learn more

Dynamic Initial Values (Beta)

You can now write expressions within the Initial Value section. You can do this by navigating to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure. The result of the expression will update dynamically as you are entering data in the app. Nifty! 

Private Tables

If you define a table as a Private Table (navigate to Advanced Editor > Data > Tables). A copy of that table will be made in the app user's cloud storage and will be accessible only by that user. This feature requires the user to sign-in to the app so it requires a per-user plan.


We added more functions so you can write more complex expressions in your apps. The newest additions are math functions:

  • MOD: Returns a number that is the remainder when number X is divided by number Y (learn more)
  • ROUND: Returns a a number that rounds the decimal up or down to the closest integer number (learn more)
  • FLOOR: Returns a number that rounds the decimal down to the closest smaller integer number (learn more)
  • CEILINGReturns a number that rounds the decimal up to the closest larger integer number (learn more)

More Ways to Get Your App On!

You want more resources, and we hear you! We recently rolled out webinars for our users and Partners! If you want to participate in an AppSheet Deep Dive, New User Webinar, or Partner Updates Webinar, register at the links below. 

New User Webinar - Thursday, April 14, 10 am PST 

AppSheet Deep Dive - Thursday, April 28, 10 am PST

Partner Updates - Thursday, April 21, 10 am PST

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