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Santiago Uribe
October 27, 2016

New Features Friday: Publish your apps to the iOS and Google App Stores


We have some exciting news! With a release we just pushed out, you can now publish your apps to both the Apple and Google Play app stores! Learn more about these and other recent product releases.

Why White Label Your Apps?

You may be creating an AppSheet app and want to list it directly on the Google or Apple app stores. White labeling your apps makes it accessible to a larger audience through a familiar, more traditional deployment method. Read more about the white label process for Android and iOS.  

Check out the video below that goes through the white label process for iOS: 

Note: in order to access the white label options, you'll need to be on either the Pro or Publisher Pro plan. You'll access the white label option by navigating to Manage>Deploy. 

Over the past weeks we've introduced several additional updates to AppSheet that enhance how your app users interact with the apps you create. 

Better Add, Edit, Delete, and Data buttons.

A few weeks ago we revealed more visually appealing icons when within the app interface. Inspired by Google's Material Design, we changed the icons so the user can clearly see the available actions on any given view in the app. 



Dedicated bottom bar for Forms.

The new bottom bar for forms has a dedicated Cancel and Save button which you can change in the App Editor. This makes the form navigation smoother by reserving a dedicated space in the app to key form action buttons. 


Swiping between records in slideshow view.

When you see any record in the app, you are in its slideshow view. You can now navigate the slideshow view by swiping left or right if any other records are available. You can also use the arrows to the left and right of the app to navigate. An added bonus for apps with a background image in slideshow views is that the images of the records before and after will pre-load to make the app navigation faster and smoother for your app users.

When the user completes a form, select any view to show. 

We added the ability to select any view in your app to be the the next view when a users completes a form. This is useful when you want to take the user to another set of instructions, or even another form! You can target the same form by simply selecting automatic. The functionality is available in any view of form type.


Stay tuned for more updates. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all new videos and leave feedback in the AppSheet User Community!

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