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Madeline Clarke
 |  January 09, 2018

Infographic 2017.jpeg

2017 was a busy, successful year for app creators. People created and used AppSheet apps to make their processes more accurate and efficient, ultimately saving valuable time. We saw apps being used in tons of cool places, for a variety of purposes and varying in complexity: App creators solved problems, created innovative solutions and changed the way that their organizations do work.

It's amazing to hear the success stories of our app creators and learn about all the creative apps that people have made in the past year. We've summed up some of the trends we saw in 2017 to share with you. We'd like to thank everyone in the AppSheet community for a fantastic 2017 and we're so excited to see what app creators accomplish this year.

Check out some of these numbers!

Over 14 Million

AppSheet apps were opened more than 14 million times in 2017. This means that users and creators were opening apps an average of 27 times per minute! People were looking at AppSheet apps and using them to help make their work more efficient more than twice as often than in 2016, when apps were opened about 7 million times. 

10 Million Hours

This year app creators and users saved a lot of time. People captured their data more efficiently, saving over 10 million hours of time collectively. 

4700 Times

Sample apps were a great way for new app creators to get started, or for more experienced ones to learn more about different features. The Advanced Order Capture app was copied the most out of all our sample apps (4,700 times), giving some insight into what types of scenarios people wanted to address. It was also our most popular sample app in 2016, and was copied 3,329 times that year.

683,000 Apps

In 2017, app creators made over 250,000 apps. In total, over 683,000 apps have been created and that number is still growing

Top 10 Countries by Usage

It may not be surprising to you that the United States had the highest app usage in 2017, the same as in 2016. India was second-highest in both 2016 and 2017. Brazil was third in 2016, but Indonesia was third highest in 2017. Last year, Italy and Finland grew significantly in app usage, and we continue to see Australia and Brazil in the top ten. We love that app creators are doing great work all over the world and we're happy to see apps being used in so many different countries. 

Cool Places Where Apps Were Used

Back in 2016, we saw apps all over the world: Stockholm, Sweden; Bern, Switzerland; East London, UK; South Africa; and Foumban, Cameroon, just to name a few. 2017 brought new app creators and their stories from a variety of new locations. Apps were created in countries like New Zealand, Italy, Uruguy, and El Salvador; and in cities across the United States. 

Below is an infographic I put together to tell AppSheet's 2017 story in numbershope you enjoy it and Happy New Year!

AppSheet 2017 1.pngAppSheet 2017 2.png



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Madeline Clarke

I'm in my final year in the Informatics major at UW with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction and I have an internship as a Content Developer at AppSheet. I'm focused on communicating content in creative, focused ways for quality user experience.

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