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Julia Guthrie
 |  March 28, 2016

Paul Carpenter is a Technology Integrationist for the Anglo-American School of Moscow (AASM) in Russia whose job is to help administrators, teachers, and students use technology purposefully and effectively. His other tasks include collecting and analyzing data for the HR and Curriculum departments.

Because AASM is an international school with expats serving as employees, there is significant employment turnover each year. As a result Paul needs a way to disseminate information to new staff quickly and efficiently. Before finding AppSheet, the school was using various methods to do this, but none were ideal. They tried housing the information on a password-protected website that wasn’t mobile-friendly. Then they gave every new staff member paper copies, which understandably no one ever carried around.

Since the school uses Google Apps for Work, finding AppSheet was easy. Paul created an app that acts as a directory of people, places, and services that faculty and staff should have with them on mobile phones for convenient access. He included all kinds of helpful resources, like dental services, fire and evacuation protocols, emergency contact information, and more. The app also contains photos, phone numbers, map locations, links, and documents. Important organizations like embassies, hospitals, and law enforcement include contact information, so employees can reach them rapidly straight through the app during emergencies.

The convenience of the app helps staff get acquainted with the school quickly and easily, rather than having to carry around stacks of papers or access a website that isn’t easy to navigate on a mobile device. This quick access really helps new employees and ex-pats become more comfortable and confident with their new place of employment and surroundings. In turn, they are able to provide better care and attention to students.

Paul says, “AppSheet is allowing us to rapidly develop mobile apps customized to provide a service or interaction that satisfies a need within our school. I love that we are able to develop and manage the app ourselves without relying on an outside company or programmer to design or update the functionality and content."

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Julia Guthrie

Julia is Marketing and Communications Manager at AppSheet. She loves the creative and eclectic. She’s held various marketing roles, plus other wacky jobs like suicide hotline operator, shoe designer, and dead animal removal business owner. Julia can usually be found hanging with her cats, crafting, and watching Seinfeld.

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