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Julia Guthrie
March 09, 2016

App Innovator: Kim Harford with Cancerdata.com

Close to eight million people worldwide die from cancer each year. It’s a shocking statistic, and even after thousands of years, we still don't know all the causes and haven't pulled all the links together, so the cure is still very much a fight.

Kim Harford is one of the many contributing her time to data research and sharing her findings with the cancer community in hopes of advancing the cause.

She runs the site www.cancerdata.com, which aims to spread knowledge about new treatments for cancer, to write about links and technical advances in non-technical ways, and to find the causes or co-factors involved in cancer. The site also tracks explosive growth in new drugs in immunotherapy, stem cells, combination trials, and other spaces that may benefit patients.

Kim knows that the key to making advances is information-- information being discovered, researched, and ultimately-- shared. Sharing that information in consumable ways is the goal of cancerdata.com. But she wanted to make that data even more readily available, so she did a bit of research, found AppSheet, and created her first app.

The app contains the massive database of information found on cancerdata.com and provides a convenient platform scientists, doctors, and patients can use to search for the topics that concern them. It also allows for data collection from patients, which in turn can be published to the network in order to advance discovery and research.

Kim says the mobile app provides wider access to the important information various professionals and those interested in cancer might be looking for. She’s used the app to create concise categories, groupings, and formatting rules which allow for greater ease of use. For example, when a drug trial has not demonstrated statistical significance, a small flag icon will appear next to it.

After five months of use, Kim is delighted with how AppSheet has been able to compliment and provide broader access to her important work.

“AppSheet is flexible and adds new features all the time with fantastic support from AppSheet and the community.”

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