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Julia Guthrie
 |  April 29, 2016

According to its website, “Landscape 2000 Ltd provides a complete landscaping and garden maintenance service that is second to none.” The West Sussex, England-based landscaping company provides a variety of services for commercial sites, including design consulting, custom patio and deck construction, fencing, lawn and irrigation systems, and more.


Eleanor Wilton is Landscape 2000 Ltd’s office administrator, and performs nearly all of the duties associated with managing the business’s administrative needs. This includes finding new ways to simplify the procedures that are necessary in accomplishing the company’s assignments and goals.

As one might imagine, a landscaping company must keep track of a wide range of supplies and data-- employee hours, landscaping and personal protective equipment, machinery repair needs, location information, and more. Eleanor needed to find suitable equipment inventory software and HR apps to fit her needs and help her manage these functions.

Before finding AppSheet, Eleanor was handling these tasks via pen and paper or simply over the phone. She says, "Our company has previously collected employee work times weekly using a paper-based system. This necessitated extra admin work for the office and trips by these field-based staff into the office to submit their timesheets.”

Indeed, managing these procedures via pen and paper methods was extraordinarily inefficient. Eleanor needed a way to track the important information with sophisticated tools like equipment inventory management apps, timesheet apps, purchase order software, to name a few.

When Eleanor found AppSheet, she created various apps to accomplish these functions more effectively and replace the old systems.

She realized that not only did her apps greatly simplify the data collection process, but the synchronization between the apps and the backend Google Sheets meant data was immediately available to office administrators regardless of where it was entered.

“Appsheet has allowed the staff to submit their daily work times via the App on their smartphones on a daily basis making the data available immediately in the office for examination and use, saving us a considerable amount of time," she says.

Though initially some bristled at adopting the new system, Eleanor says, “I think because most individuals both young and old appear permanently attached to their smartphones, it was an easy transition to get them to [use the apps]. A couple were resistant initially but once they realised the benefits of no longer needing to use a paper version, they soon came on board.”

Eleanor_Wilton_Landscape_2000_Ltd_App3.png  Eleanor_Wilton_Landscape_2000_Ltd_App1.png  Eleanor_Wilton_Landscape_2000_Ltd_App2.png


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Julia Guthrie

Julia is Marketing and Communications Manager at AppSheet. She loves the creative and eclectic. She’s held various marketing roles, plus other wacky jobs like suicide hotline operator, shoe designer, and dead animal removal business owner. Julia can usually be found hanging with her cats, crafting, and watching Seinfeld.

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