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Mary Ludloff
 |  July 20, 2018

Spinner Mathison using the annual Loadbook

Every person’s path to becoming an app creator is different. And every app is unique in its own way. For Annual Load Book owner Jack Bates, this is a story about how a simple app designed to formulate the cost and revenue per mile for each of his trucking jobs became an app that all truckers could use to manage their expenses, calculate the cost and revenue per mile, and share information about food and other services on routes.

Like many app creators, Jack started out trying to solve a specific business problem: how to calculate the revenue per mile for a load to determine whether he should take on a job. While the spreadsheet he created calculated the revenue based on all the costs he entered, it was difficult to use when he was talking with freight brokers about loads.

Enter AppSheet. Jack used the platform to create an app that he could use on his phone as he was talking with brokers about loads so that he could calculate load costs and revenue in real-time. In the red? Don’t take the load. In the black? Take the load.

The app streamlined Jack’s decision-making process and steered him towards the most profitable jobs. On the road, it made his job much easier as he could simply enter expenses, etc., using his phone.

And then Jack got a big idea. If the app worked so well for him, couldn’t it work for other owner operators or fleet managers? And that is how the Annual Load Book got its start.

To find out more about Jack’s big idea and app that helps drivers calculate their revenue, go here. And if you’d like to see what kind of app you can create using the AppSheet platform, just sign up here to build your app.

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