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Sonal Amin
May 26, 2016

4 Types of Agriculture Apps for the Modern Farmer

Blog_FarmerwithTablet1.jpgDue to its focus on hands-on work, agriculture might not be the first industry you think of when it comes to mobile apps. Farming has a tremenendous amount of potential for innovation and change. While manual labor is a huge part of the work, agcriculture apps can make these processes much more efficient and even successful. Here are four ways mobile apps can help you become a modern farmer. 

For the livestock manager

Livestock management is a huge undertaking. There are thousands of animals to keep track of and several elements to streamline. In order to increase productivity, it is crucial to minimize distress and disease, group animals in an efficient manner, keep track of routines, and more. With all of these pieces, the paperwork also begins to pile up. Apps can help simplify these processes while giving farmers access to tools they might not have had in the past. For example, a cattle or livestock management app allows users to input and have the most up-to-date information on a herd or flock, including transport and medicine administration. With calculators, farmers can be prepared and estimate the cost of feed. Other apps enable them to buy and sell livestock by listing the most accurate prices in close proximity. AppSheet user Drikus Eksteen has created his own app to do this while also managing leads

For the inspection afficionado

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has several inspections required to be done on farms for safety purposes. Sometimes these inspections are done by the agency, however, other times they are to be managed by the farms themselves. The policies are constantly changing and there is tons to be aware of. With all of these moving pieces, keeping manual checklists seems like an arduous task. Apps are here to save the day. Farmers can now automate their inspection prep by creating digital checklists, remind themselves of particular safety guidelines, and creating keys for pests, insects and more. 

For the field operator

Simple apps like a time tracker for field employees can enable a farm manager to accurately determine output, increase efficiency, and create projections on how to certain optimize processes. Mobile apps can also help accurately monitor weather and disease along with their impact on various crops and fields. Field mapping has also become simple with apps that enable farmers to draw and project maximum output. Crowdsourcing is also a great solution for farmers who can't figure out what the issue is within their field. Apps give them acess to tons of other users who might have ideas. 

For the crop farmer

A lot of a crop farmer's work is manual in nature. However, mobile apps are enabling them to become a little more hands-off. Farmers can now monitor soil conditions with a few clicks.They can keep tabs on pesticides and organize other cumbersome records. AppSheet user, Scott Kee with Sacia Orchards, is managing his field spraying process through an app he's customized himself. He has automated the process and sprayers input data directly into the app. This has eliminated the time several workers spend on data management and entry. Several pieces of equipment can now plug into apps and farmers can also harvest their crops without the worries of entering data at every step. 

These are just a few examples of how agriculture is evolving with the use of apps. Custom mobile apps are often the ideal solution for the complex use cases that farmers face. AppSheet has a few agriculture-specific sample apps to get users up and running quickly. See here for the full app gallery. 

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