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Santiago Uribe
May 04, 2017

Automate Work with AppSheet

Let's say you have an app that keeps track of employee training hours and you want to be alerted when any employee accumulates over 10 hours of training. Or you have a client management app and would like to get a weekly report of all customers contacted. What if you want to automatically update your customer's information on Salesforce.com when your field technicians perform a job?

You can achieve all of those things by adding automation to your AppSheet apps. By adding workflow rules to your app, you can define the rules that trigger a specific behavior and connect with multiple services like Email, PDF generation, SMS, and Webhooks. 

On April 27 we conducted a webinar to walk App Creators through the different options available in the AppSheet Platform to automate tasks. Check the video out!

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Creating and Managing Templates

Because your apps are being generated from data that is structured you can create multiple templates and pick different pieces of data to present in your workflows. If it's an email, you can create placeholders that look like this: <<column_name>> and dynamically replace information from the app to the template. 

Using Webhooks to Connect to other Services

If you want to use the data from your apps to be posted via webhooks to other services like Zapier or IFTTT, you can se our webhook option to send the data and then connect to other services. Do you want to create Spotify playlists using an AppSheet app? You can do it using Webhooks!

Creating Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports functionality is available to all PRO plan users, you can write a formula show a subset of rows in your tables on a regular basis. You can show nested (related) information as well. Great for sales reports, incident reports, and ongoing tracking of issues, customers, etc. 


 What kind of automation are you adding to your AppSheet apps? Let us know in the comments section below!

Stay tuned to Features, Tips & Webinars for more new features and tips of making powerful apps.


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