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Christine Kern
 |  February 21, 2017


Real estate can be a tricky business, and it is often dependent upon factors outside of human control. House hunters can be swayed by weather, location, or a lack of information at the moment of decision-making. Mobile apps can give realtors a leg-up when it comes to making that all-important sale by allowing them to have imperative information available at their fingertips.

Brokers can be hampered when their customers are not able to get in contact with the right person or when information is not readily available. Mobile apps can help brokers list properties, manage appointments and schedules, search for related property information like school districts, local attractions, average fuel bills and more. They can even help them check the weather to schedule the most advantageous showing times.

The Apps

We’ve pulled together a list of apps that can boost realtors’ efficiency and help them seal the deal:

Magic Plan: This app allows users to create a floor plan drawing within minutes, which means realtors can provide this added information to prospective buyers. MagicPlan measures a floor plan from photos you take, and converts them into a PDF, HPG, and DXF drawing. Users can simply add objects, annotations, photos and attributes to generate reports or complete estimates.


Zillow: This is a multi-use platform, mainly used for property search. With a number of robust search filters and extra features (mortgage calculators, access to “hidden” inventory, property estimates), the site offers a good overview of the real estate market and available properties. Many listings include MLS  numbers in order to facilitate your search.


Mortgage Calculator: This easy-to-use tool helps clients project the repayment requirements of a potential mortgage. It factors in a series of parameters to provide the most accurate results, and can project monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payments and the future payoff date.


Periscope: A platform that allows users to stream live videos from anywhere,Periscope is a ‘visual pulse of what’s happening right now‘. It lets you ‘discover the world through someone else’s eyes‘. Periscope is a great way to connect with potential clients across town or across the world. Stream open house tours, home sneak peeks, local events, or a Q&A session.

Home Inspector: This AppSheet sample app allows users to record information about houses, adding up to four images to a room using direct capture images straight from the app. The spreadsheet allows the user to add columns to include additional information regarding the properties in question. It is an excellent resource for real estate inspections and surveys. You can start with this sample and build your own app with robust custom features.


Realtor: This AppSheet app lets realtors share real-estate information with their clients, displaying various listings on a map with a gallery of photos for each available property. The list view can also group listings by categories to match client needs.  It includes the potential to show a filtered view of listings by client and realtors can also use their external listing images on services like Zillow as images in the app. Use this sample app to build your own custom real estate listing solution.


AppSheet Creates Custom Solutions For You

AppSheet can help you develop the right apps to make your job a little easier. From GPS-enabled property locators to calculating mortgage payments, AppSheet can design a custom app to do just what you need to close the deal.

“This is the app I’ve spent years searching for,” asserts Kurt Beard, Cardinal Properties. “It’s straightforward to use with multiple outstanding features; taking mobile photos right in the app, search, multiple tables, and more. My boss is very excited with the workflow improvement we’ve seen since AppSheet.”
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Christine Kern

Christine Kern is an AppSheet contributor and freelance writer, editor, and educator based in Erie, Pennsylvania who writes on a wide range of topics, including all things IT, from healthcare to retail to government/education and beyond.

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