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Julia Guthrie
April 19, 2016

5 Tips For More Effective Construction Project Management

Reblogged from Accordant
, by Mark Badran

Improving job site decision-making is critical to a successful construction project. Giving site managers simple and reliable access to real-time data can make or break your construction project. Quality construction project management software can help facilitate information-sharing, and identify potential issues before they become real problems, reducing risk and increasing overall project profitability.

Here are 5 tips for improving construction project management decision-making.

Assess Your Current Situation

Based on both your business goals and specific construction project objectives, take a look at your past performance and assess where you are today. If you want to increase profitability, for example, take a look at the past projects which have the best overall margins.  What patterns and anomalies stand out?  Does job location affect your profits?  Or is it the type of work that makes a difference? Could it be a particular project manager’s jobs that are dragging down your overall margin?

Assessing your current situation and asking questions can give you a better perspective on where you need to be going forward.

Head over to Accordant to read the rest of the post.

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