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July 26, 2017

5 Mobile Apps for Operation Managers


Well into the digital age, operations managers have come to see the value in leveraging the power of mobile technology by equipping workers in the field or those working remotely with custom-designed apps. These apps allow them to easily input data that can be used to better streamline operations. For a better look at how this is done, here is a look at how some of these apps can make workers more efficient, and in turn, lead to better business processes.

Apps for capturing incidents

The convenience of having an app that can record data, store photos and document workplace-related injuries, hazards or even near misses can go a long way to ensuring safety concerns are addressed. What’s more, such an app would have the convenience of storing all incidents in one location, thus making it easier to analyze trends and pinpoint reoccurring problems, which ultimately could lead to a safer workplace.

Apps for teams in the field

In the construction business, field workers can benefit from an app that allows simple data capture. This would allow you to track the progress on jobs, confirm deliveries through inputting signatures and receive real-time photo updates. Alternately, survey teams could use an app to collect field notes, such as GPS location, date and time, and accompany this information with photographs.

Apps for delivery drivers

Whether you do B2B, B2C or a combination of the two, keeping track of deliverables and services rendered is vital to maintaining strong relationships with your clients. A full-service app to track and assist in deliverables would include a convenient color coding system that lets you quickly know the status of an order (en route, delivered, etc.). A map function would provide directions to the driver and mark which locations have or have not received deliveries. It would also have a signature capture function to further streamline the process.

Apps for managing workflow

Anyone with experience overseeing projects that involve employees working in different locations knows how important it is to keep track of the workflow. Putting an app in everyone’s hands that allows them to update their assigned task and record information can help give a quick, detailed overview of where you are in the work process.

Apps for production lines

Production lines could also benefit from a specific type of workflow app. In this case, workers could clock in when they begin a task and out when they finish for the day (or go on lunch). This can give a real-time picture of how much time is going into particular projects and tasks, allowing you to more accurately forecast budgets.

These are just a few examples of how operation managers could deploy mobile apps to better carry out the organization’s goals.

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