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Sonal Amin
June 20, 2016

5 Apps to Keep You Cool for the Summer

Happy first day of summer! It's the time of year when things are changing, whether that be the weather, the fact that school's out, your current lease ending, or a highly anticipated vacation on the horizon. With all of the activities to plan in the coming months, it's time to get organized. We've put together a list of apps from our sample gallery to help you plan for your jam-packed summer. Copy, customize and make them your own. 


Move in/Move Out Checklist

The summer is peak moving time. People are planning big and small moves within the next few months to align with the rest of their schedules. Some have just graduated, landed a new job and are on their way to a new city. Regardless of what the situation is, there is a ton to coordinate during a move. Property managers can go paperless and use a custom app to keep all of the pieces in one, convenient place. 



Extracurricular Activities Schedule

This app is perfect for coordinating your activities throughout the summer. Add events with a date and time attached and even attach a photo for further details. Also add and view notes attached to each date. This is also a great app to use if you have kids that are currently out of school for the summer and attending summer camp or participating in other activities over the next few months. 



Vacation Request Form

Another particularly handy app for this time of year as many people plan and pack up for summer vacations. Using this custom app, employees are able to request time off easily and HR is able to approve or deny it. When an employee requests time off, HR will receive an automated email with the information. Once HR approves or denies, another automated email is generated that goes to the employee's email. Make sure to get ahead with the logistics so you can focus on planning your fabulous getaway. 



Trip Planner App

Now that you've used an app to request your days off, create another app to plan your exciting excursion. Our National Park sample app displays several locations within the US. Users can mark each location as visited, add photos, and edit the description to include personalized notes. The app also includes contact information for each park and links to Wikipedia for detailed descriptions of each location. This app format is the perfect companion for your summer getaway. 



Tourist Attraction App

As summer ramps up, so does tourism in various parts of the country and world. Be sure to display your attraction in an appealing, user-friendly manner. Our sample app allows users view attractions by category, use the map to locate each venue, and contact the tourism board to give comments and upload photos of their experience. Customize the apps per your needs and see the influx of new visitors that start to arrive. 


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