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Natalie Logan
 |  April 23, 2019

Inspections require countless facets: signatures, passing/failing inspections, the diversity of potential infringements, and keeping your team in the loop. This is where tools like spreadsheets (lots of people are still using paper-based forms to collect information for inspections) and mobile apps come in: they can streamline these facets and act as a one-stop digitization shop.

Here at AppSheet, we understand the complexity of inspection. That's why we created three free spreadsheet templates and mobile apps for you to customize.

Got an important inspection you need to prep for right away? Skip ahead and get your template now:


House Inspection Checklist

Spreadsheets and mobile apps give you all the information you need in one place. In this sheet, we added color-coded quality ratings, outstanding comments, and a section to display vital information about each house: address, number of rooms, house description, and address. 

You can quickly see which houses didn't pass inspections, and which parts of the house need safety improvements. No more filing through a stack of papers to figure out what needs to change!

As always, all the sheets are customizable. Make a copy, add your data, and it's all yours.

home inspection excel pic-1
Home inspection excel pic 2

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Download Excel Template

Bonus: Get the mobile-friendly version and collaborate at the next level!

I love this spreadsheet, but there's so much more to inspections than ratings and comments. However, there's only so much you can include in a simple spreadsheet. With AppSheet's no-code application platform, we built a mobile app version (like all AppSheet apps, it's tablet friendly and can be used on desktops!) that brings your inspection experience to new heights. Using the mobile version means less paperwork and more efficiency.

More and more business are switching to apps to mobilize their inspections. Mobile solutions make data collection much easier as inspectors can upload images, text, location, and their signatures all in one place.

We've incorporated several useful features for this app:

  • Map view where you can see all your inspections sites.
  • Signature collection for minimal paperwork.
  • Workflow email: If the inspection fails, an email warning is triggered.
House Inspection App-1

Copy the House Inspection App

Inspection Site Checklist

There's a lot of information to keep track of when managing inspection sites. Contacts, status, crew size, and due dates are just a few of the data points that need to be organized.

So I created this spreadsheet to help you do that! It includes all audit site contacts, status, crew size, and a short description of the work.

Why not use the free tools available to you? Enter your own data and the spreadsheet is yours!

inspection site chceklist sheet pic

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Bonus: Do more with the mobile version.

There's nothing more time-consuming than making small updates at a large effort. With apps, changes can be made quickly and easily no matter where you are.

The mobile version has features such as:

  • Easy data entry: Click yes/no and go.
  • Signature collection: If your inspection form is integrated into the app, why not the signature too?
  • Images: Adding images can help emphasize key issues of an inspection site.
  • Centralized Data: View all historical inspections for each job from one place.
Inspection Checklist App
Copy the Inspection Checklist App

Safety Audit Checklist

There's a lot at stake when dealing with key safety information. No room for mistakes!

This spreadsheet will help you keep track of key safety touch points such as pass/fail, depots, and personnel trained. It's easy to see whether the site passed inspections or not, and you'll be able to share this information with your team quickly and efficiently. 

safety audit sheet pic

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Bonus: Organize better and faster with the mobile version!

Mobile apps allow you to quickly change and manage your data. Field managers need to be able to see which sites are failing, passing, and in progress at all stages.

We made a mobile version that auto-organizes your inspections into 'passed' and 'failed'. It shows all inspections in a map view, and an option to organize training dates.

Here are three reasons why we love the app version:

  • Auto-organization allows you to quickly handle failed inspections.
  • Sharing options make it easy to collaborate with your team.
  • Images can highlight aspects of the inspection that you want your team to remember.
Safety inspection checklist
Copy the Safety Audit App

Closing Thoughts

I found these apps to be incredibly all-inclusive. I was quite impressed by the easy navigation, simple data entry, and auto-organization, and I hope you find them incredibly useful. Better yet, you don't need to hire a developer or know how to code to use AppSheet! Learn more about how it works here.

I'd love to hear about what successes or pain points you've found, with both spreadsheets and mobile apps for inspections!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.😀

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