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Praveen Seshadri
 |  December 28, 2018

2018 in Review 

Thanks to all of you for a great year. In the past 12 months, app creators around the world have been busy creating over 260,000 new mobile & desktop applications. That's a new app created every 2 minutes—quite amazing!

We are fortunate to hear some of the ideas and see some of the thought and innovation that lies behind these apps. Here are some inspiring customer stories.

Our team has also grown with some really great new additions to the AppSheet family—both full-time at our offices in Seattle and also part-time from around the world (Aleksi, Reza, Steve, Lynn). More than ever, we care about being a personal, responsive team. We added Intercom messaging to most of the pages on our site. It can be overwhelming at times dealing with thousands of "live" conversations a month, but we also learn about things we can do to improve the customer experience.

We end the year with more than 12,400 members in the AppSheet User Community. With almost 600 posts and 2,600 comments a month, this is a vibrant, engaged, and supportive group of enthusiastic platform advocates. This community is a central part of our ecosystem and although Google+ is being retired in 2019, we'll find an alternative venue to keep it growing. 

It is difficult to summarize all the platform changes over the year. We release a new version of the platform every day. This incremental change is a central mechanism for platform stability, but it can also be somewhat deceptive because we never have a "big new release". All the same, day by day, the platform has grown in functionality across all facets: app creation, data sources, app expressive power, UI richness, workflows, device install, management features, enterprise capabilities, and initial forays into intelligence and AI.  

This year, we also started a new customer-facing app to capture feature requests—and it has been great to see the reaction. While it is not the exclusive way we prioritize work, votes from all of you play a very important role. There are now 385 unique feature requests across 6 different categories, and more than 1,000 votes for these features. 

Which means, we are certainly going to be pretty busy next year! To learn more about our plans for 2019, look for a post in the first week of January.

Until then, happy holidays and see you in the new year! 🎉

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New Platform Features

Some of the favorite features added this year (make requests here)

 ● Use Natural Language to Spec Your App  ● Quickly Edit Data Throughout Your Apps
 ● Integrate with Zapier (Beta)  ● Integrate with Amazon Cognito
 ● Pull to Sync App Data  ● Create Sliding Actions
 ● Access the AppSheet API  ● Add KML Layers to App Maps
 ● Add CONTEXT() to your Apps  ● Scan NFC Tags
 ● Suggest Form Values Automatically  ● Build from On-Premise Databases 
 ● Add Events to a Calendar View  ● Integrate with Data Stores



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Praveen Seshadri

Praveen is CEO of AppSheet and full-time coder. Over his career, he has pursued the "dream" of declarative end-user programming in various incarnations. In a previous life, he was a CS professor at Cornell University. And in another previous life, he was a partner engineering manager at Microsoft in the SQLServer and Bing teams.

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