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Julia Guthrie
December 10, 2015

7 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Mobile App for Education


Mobile learning has become a powerful avenue to enable students to approach academia on their time, and through the technology they use most. There are convenient mobile tools both teachers and students alike can utilize to help them tackle the school year and simplify efforts in achieving their goals.

Many of our users are educators and students who have built great apps to accomplish just that. From attendance tracking to assignment management, the apps are helping these educational innovators spend less time with administration tasks and more time with students and/or on their academic obligations.

We want to highlight a few of our favorites apps users have made to simplify their work in education. Below that, we've included several sample apps we built here at AppSheet for some common student and teacher scenarios. Check out the user stories below, and feel free to copy and customize our samples!

App Innovators Improving Education With Mobile Tools

An app to manage internship attendance

David Berg, Vice Principal at The Met Sacramento High School in Sacramento, California, created an app to manage the various functions of an internship program at the high school. His app is allowing everyone, including teachers, administrators, and interns, to stay in touch and communicate through photos and information– all while in different locations. David wrote about his use of AppSheet on his blog, Tech Space.

An app to track and share class readings

Stacey Fenton is a PhD student studying Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education at Michigan State University. She's interested in finding new ways help herself and her peers relate to the academic material they're assigned, so she built a mobile app with AppSheet to track all required readings for her PhD program. The app also displays the reading's associated course, summary, and more details. Read more about Stacey and her app.

An app to execute a university internship program

Tiffany Hester places undergraduate teaching students in classroom internship programs that are required for completion of their degrees at Kansas' Fort Hays State University. She designed an app to share with students in order to communicate with them about their internships. Tiffany says the app has not only greatly reduced confusion for all parties, but it has also given low-income students who don't have smartphones access to the program-- as they are able to access the app in a web browser.

AppSheet's Sample Apps for Education 

Assignment Manager

This app for students in high school or college to manage classes, assignments, and deadlines. The app utilizes indicators and color coding to indicate when due dates are approaching. Students can add new assignments, update existing ones, and track completion progress.

Assignment Manager

Copy the Assignment Manager App


Class Assignments

We designed this app for a graphic design professor to give to her students. The app contains all course assignments as well as the PDF files associated with them that students can download via the app or the web browser. 

Extracurricular Schedule

This is a simple app to keep track of all the extracurricular activities a student might participate in. The app organizes activities by day, so it’s easy to see which activity is happening when. It allows the user to add new activities as well as an image to accompany it.

 Extracurricular Schedule

Extracurricular Schedule App

Contact Directory

Contact Directory is an app any small or large business can use to keep track of important contacts and their information. Contact buttons allow the user to quickly communicate with contacts via phone, text, or email.


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