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Julia Guthrie
December 03, 2015

Take Human Resources Efforts Mobile with These 5 Apps

  HR Apps

Businesses employ all kinds of tactics to manage information; but one thing that seems never to change is the use of spreadsheets to keep track of it all. This is especially true in Human Resource fields, where reps must keep track of employee data, procedures and policies, events, and more. Spreadsheets still persist as the best organizational tool around.

But what if you need to interact with the data in your spreadsheets while away from the office? Share and collaborate over job candidate information with your colleagues? Plan an office event while on a business trip? Sure, you could use a mobile spreadsheet app. But spreadsheet apps aren't ideal for interacting with data, organizing it, charting it, or allowing you to collaborate on it.

That's where human resources mobile apps come in. AppSheet enables professionals to turn the spreadsheets they use to manage HR processes into mobile apps that let them connect and collaborate with their data. These apps can help HR reps manage employees, plan events, collect and distribute information, and more-- all while keeping data synchronized and secure.

If you're an HR professional but you're not sure you need a mobile app, don't fret. We've created five mobile tools for HR that will help you envision a how an app might work for your unique needs. With features like automatic workflow emails (Vacation Request Form), form surveys (Interview Feedback), and conditional color formatting (Equipment Inventory), these apps are designed to vastly simplify HR management processes.

Check them out below, and copy and customize when you're ready!

ContactDirectoryContact Directory

The contact directory app provides students and staff with a quick reference to key locations and contact information for a school.


VacationRequestForm-02Vacation Request Form

HR reps can distribute this app to employees so they can request time off remotely. The app allows HR to approve or deny the time off. Workflow emails notify both HR and employees when updates to requests have been made.


InterviewFeedback-02Interview Feedback

This app helps a team of interviewers at a company keep track of and collaborate on information about each candidate for an open position.


EquipmentInventoryEquipment Inventory

The Equipment Inventory app helps HR reps keep track of inventory items checked out by employees, enabling them to quickly browse and search through those items.


EmployeeTraining-02Employee Training

Aided by instructional images, Employee Training can be distributed to employees and gives written pointers along with visual aids on how to give CPR. This app can be copied and customized for any process or set of procedures in a business.



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