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Julia Guthrie
December 03, 2015

App Innovator of the Week: Christoph Bücker


As one of AppSheet’s earliest adopters-- in fact, among the first 100 in our User Community-- Christoph Bücker knows quite a bit about AppSheet. He's used it to create a variety of tools, from a mobile app to collect plant and wildlife species information for an environmental organization, to apps that manage a database for his local tennis club.

His most successful app is one he created to keep track of and synchronize the hundreds of matches that take place during the Jugendcup Renningen/Rutesheim, as part of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour-- one of the most popular European tennis tournaments for youth under 16. About 400 participants from up to 40 nations compete every year to become one of the next European top players. The matches are split over three locations, and as the chapter's IT/Operations expert, Christoph is tasked with ensuring the information about the completion of the matches is distributed as soon as possible to the other locations-- especially to the supervisor in the main office.

Before, the team was accomplishing this data exchange by phone or through the WhatsApp messenger app, simply sharing one-off data points and having to type the qualifying information in each time. Later, they'd have to transcribe all of this data into the official draw.

The app has provided the team with the ability to enter the match results easily in one location and to have this info immediately available in any other location. Furthermore, it gives an overview of all the matches of the day, not simply a single isolated view about one match as seen in WhatsApp. It has also allowed users to input information into the app during the night so that information is centrally prepared for the next day’s matches without additional effort. With AppSheet's capabilities in restricting the required inputs to a bare minimum-- here, the match result-- and in providing flexible views, the team is able to give full attention to support players and coaches during the day.

The coolest part: with the app, Christoph has simplified his team's workflows and saved them enormous amounts of time all on his own, without coding experience or an IT budget.

"This is the app which brings the biggest benefits for the organization of the tennis tournament," says Christoph.



If you would like to be featured as our App Innovator of the Week, please send an email to julia@appsheet.com for consideration.

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