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Julia Guthrie
November 19, 2015

How One AppSheet User is Helping His Clients Retire Peacefully


"Pensions are disappearing at an alarming rate. The security of having an additional source of income during retirement is no longer an option for many."

-Brice Prather

Brice Prather owns Life On Your Terms Inc., a company dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial security so they can retire with confidence and peace.

Brice builds custom tools to help clients identify where they might need to make improvements with regards to financial matters like housing payments, 401(k), IRA, pensions, Social Security, and more. AppSheet is one of the tools he's using to enable his customers to determine where there may be inefficiencies and opportunities for growth.

He has built several mobile apps all on his own with AppSheet. Specifically, he built an app called "iRetire" for real estate agents and mortgage loan originators to discuss the importance of eliminating one's housing payment during the time of retirement to maintain financial security. This allows agents/originators to calculate complex annuities or investment scenarios on the spot; whereas before, these calculations took days to weeks to complete. And clients simply didn't have the time to wait.

Brice is helping people take the guesswork out of retirement by providing innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use mobile apps that tackle the calculations associated with reaching financial security. AppSheet has enabled Brice to use his own skills to create these tools when he needs them, quickly and easily.

As he says, "AppSheet has taken a once static boring data set of various spreadsheets and turned it into an interactive machine."


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