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Julia Guthrie
November 19, 2015

4 Free Apps to Manage Marketing Projects


As any business professional may know, owning or working in a small business doesn't mean marketing efforts can stand to fall by the wayside. In fact, marketing might very well be abundantly more important for a small company than a large business-- especially in the early days.

One of biggest pain points for small businesses when running their marketing is keeping track of projects, budgets, and product performance. Most of the time, those projects are run from spreadsheets in Excel, Smartsheet, or Google Sheets. But interacting with that data from a mobile device is less than ideal.

Having a mobile app to track performance of those projects used to be out of the question for most businesses, especially because the cost to have custom-made apps can be high and off-the-shelf software is too narrow in scope, expensive, and cumbersome to use.

At AppSheet, our goal is to enable small businesses to create and customize the tools they need to accomplish everyday necessities like marketing, without the costs and complexities only a larger business can contend with.

To that end, we created four apps designed to streamline common marketing practices businesses-- both small and large-- encounter every day.

Check them out below, and copy and customize as needed!


MediaBudget-02Media Budget

This app can help a team keep track of marketing properties and the budgets associated with reaching those mediums. Each property carries a budget for all four quarters and is assigned to a specific employee.


MarketingDocs2-02Marketing Docs

The Marketing Documents app is a powerful way to distribute case study information to a core group of people, allowing them to view PDFs within the app.


ProjectPlan-02Project Plan

The Project Plan app is designed for teams to keep track of projects, with the ability to assign tasks, track progress, and sort projects by custom groupings.


ECommerceStore-02ECommerce Store

This app is a quick way for an independent merchant to display an up-to-date product listing that points the app user to an online store. The user can navigate to the online store from within the app.


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