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Julia Guthrie
 |  June 17, 2015


PicMonkey Collage Westmount, Montreal

Westmount, Montreal’s official website calls the Canadian suburb an urban forest. With a vibrant landscape of trees, forests, parks, as well as a commitment to sustainability, the city’s environmental employees make great efforts to care for Westmount’s population of plants and trees.

Nicolas Mory is an agronomist for Montreal whose job is to manage tree species and related arboricultural activities in the city. Looking for a way to automate his processes, he found AppSheet through the Google Sheets add-on store. He created an app to test for Westmount-- a suburb of Montreal-- and so far has been using it for a few months. He says the use of the app has “most definitely” had a positive effect on operations.

Nicolas is utilizing his app, called PlantCité (it’s all in French), to monitor the health of trees in Westmount and to keep track of past and future assignments. Using third party geospatial software, he is able to generate geolocations of the trees he’s attending to and import that information into his app, which then features the easily-located lat/long data of each site.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.16.55 PM

He also employs the use of forms in his app in order to be able to record information about each tree on site. In his form he uses dropdown menus that allow him to choose fixed options as well as multiple selections. Before, all of this data had to be recorded by hand.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.20.20 PM

Without the app, Nicolas was having to carry around paper folders in which he recorded the information. He’d later need to transcribe the data onto a computer database, which understandably, took up lots of time. Not to mention the responsibility of carrying and keeping track of several stacks of papers while out in the field.

Nicolas was excited when he discovered AppSheet, because he’d been searching a long time for inexpensive software that wasn’t out of date and could be hosted in French-- to no avail. And he didn’t have the time to develop one himself.

AppSheet has allowed him to quickly create a system that meets his needs-- and more importantly, one that can be instantly modified and adjusted based on changing requirements.

As Nicolas says, for his line of work, the ability to move from the paper-to-database method, to a mobile, data-centered solution “speaks for itself.”

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Julia Guthrie

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