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Julia Guthrie
April 06, 2015

Customer Stories: Alex Horn with Logical-Invest


Logical-Invest provides shrewd investment strategies to customers around the world. The four-partner team is based in Mexico, Switzerland, Greece, and New York City. Living in locations around the world allows the group global reach and insight into worldwide market investment trends. Mexico City-based Alex Horn has a noteworthy background in financial investments and financial modeling. Before helping found Logical-Invest, he held several executive roles in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Alex built a highly customized mobile app that's already being used by around 120 of Logical-Invest's clients. His app, simply called "Logical Invest", maps the different investment strategies based on different time periods. And it employs some sophisticated features that even impressed us here at AppSheet!

Let's take a look at it.

Logical Invest 7 year chart Logical Invest 3 Month Chart

As you can tell, Alex has fully customized his app, from implementing intricate strategy and performance charts with views for several time periods, to personalizing the background with a nice image.

He also specified a "Contact us" view, which takes the user to a form where they can enter their contact details, include a comment, and even take a photo. We'd never seen anyone use a form for this purpose, and thought it would be a really useful tool for the AppSheet community.

Logical Invest Additional Views Logical Invest Contact Form

"This is one of the things AppSheet does much better than the other tools I had tried before," Alex says.

Logical Invest updates their information every hour or so, which then updates to the Google Sheet that controls the app. Customers can see up-to-date investment information via their mobile phone, which is much more convenient than having to navigate the complex website in a mobile environment.

"Our website is okay for viewing on a tabletbut it's not really convenient to look at these big charts and lots of information [on the mobile phone]. We've had a lot of requests for something more convenient, where they could look at charts, work offline," he says.

Logical-Invest introduced the app to its customers. They hope to expand their capabilities to provide more customized information to each client via the mobile app.

We'll be following along to assist and find out!

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