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Santiago Uribe
March 18, 2015

Build More Mobile Apps for your Organization at a Great Price

AppSheet's paid plans now have unlimited apps per user, making it even easier to build and deploy multiple mobile apps for your organization.

"Several customers asked us for a simpler way to manage their AppSheet budget. After reviewing usage patterns we locked a much better deal for our users," says Praveen, AppSheet's CEO.

The change is beneficial for current and future users: "It's an incentive to build and test more mobile solutions with AppSheet and expand it to more scenarios." You can learn more about AppSheet's pricing here.

In addition to changes in the Standard and Premium plans, the Publisher plan has also gotten an upgrade. The publisher plan, a per-app plan, now allows for data uploads. Customers building apps for surveys, data collection, and customer interactions can benefit from this plan, which also allows for unlimited users for $20 per month.

Here's a summary of the changes:

  • Free plan: It's stays free, as always, for up to 10 app users
  • Publisher Plan: Stays at $10 USD per app per month for up to 100 users. Unlimited users are $20 per month. Apps can now read and write into the spreadsheet data
  • Standard Plan: Is now $1 USD per user per month. There are no limitations on the number of apps created under the plan. Simply add the number of users in your organization that would have access to the app; that's your monthly subscription cost with AppSheet
  • Premium Plan: Is now $5 USD per user per month. No app limitations in this plan. This is a great solution for larger teams looking for an optimal mobile solution for their data without worrying about increasing costs from publishing multiple apps for the same team.

Find more details in our pricing page here.

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