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Julia Guthrie
 |  March 06, 2015


At Friday Staffing in Asheville, NC, Vice President and Manager of IT Jill Arldt wants to find ways to help her company be more efficient. Friday Staffing provides technical, professional, light industrial, and clerical staffing solutions, and is committed to matching businesses with skilled workers to increase both customer and employee success.

Friday Staffing's clients represent a range of industries. One cool project they're working on this year is an outdoor beer festival hosted by a prominent beer brewer in the Asheville area. The festival has all kinds of staffing needs, like beverage servers, ticket collectors wrist banding, shuttle monitors, sobriety monitors, and more. Friday Staffing has provided employees for one other festival of this kind, and as Jill says, the paper organization methods they were using before "just weren't cutting it!"

For these kinds of projects, Friday Staffing supplies up to 120 (field) employees and as many as 20 internal staff members who oversee the event. Internal staff needs to keep track of the field employees' time, attend to issues, and make sure everything is operating smoothly. With 120 field employees coming and going at all different times, keeping records organized is a tough task to say the least!

Because of the chaos of the event, field employees would sometimes leave without finding a Friday Staffing internal employee to record their hours-- but the paper method didn't allow for immediate intervention in these situations. Carrying out this process with simple paper and pen meant that hours weren't being recorded correctly and manual data input must be done at a later time.

Jill knew there was a better way. She was working in a Google Sheet when she found AppSheet in the add-on store. After a couple of hours, she had a working app ready for deployment that would replace all paper record-keeping for events. She was really excited about how much this would help eliminate wasted time and money.


Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 5.58.56 PM


"This app will go leaps and bounds toward saving both our employees, our customers, and Friday Staffing precious time and money."

Jill's app will allow internal staff to immediately identify which employees haven't yet clocked out and therefore have the ability to reach them before they forget their hours. It will allow the agency staff to call missing employees directly from the app. By using slices, Jill's app sorts names by who's clocked in and clocked out, so staff can quickly see who's hours still need to be reported.

With the app, Friday Staffing will no longer have to pay out for hours not worked, and by the same token, employees will receive exactly the wages they earned-- saving both parties otherwise lost income. In addition, many man hours will be saved by both Friday Staffing and their client by not having to track down field employee hours and client approvals.

The app will go a long way in simplifying how these kinds of events are organized and help Friday Staffing be much more efficient in supplying future staffing solutions.

As Jill says, "I'm really excited about what these apps can do!"

So are we!

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Julia Guthrie

Julia is Marketing and Communications Manager at AppSheet. She loves the creative and eclectic. She’s held various marketing roles, plus other wacky jobs like suicide hotline operator, shoe designer, and dead animal removal business owner. Julia can usually be found hanging with her cats, crafting, and watching Seinfeld.

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