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Is Your App Ready to Deploy? Test It with AppSheet's Check App Utility

AppSheet users can build mobile apps in minutes. Even though those apps are ready to open on iOS and Android devices, it's also important to check if there are any important features missing or if there are any error flags before sharing the app install link with the app users. We recently released an utility to help you check for those errors, quickly upgrade your app, and mark it ready for deployment . It's called the "Check App" utility. Check it out!

Check your Mobile App before deploying to users

The Check App button is available in the App Editor (top left). AppSheet will perform a test of your app and, in a few seconds, you'll get a report of key elements of your app. Here's an overview of all the elements currently being tested:

  • App Definition
  • Security
  • Other Features

App Definition:

  • Definition Errors: We'll check if the app would actually work on a mobile phone.
  • Data Structure: AppSheet will do an initial pass at your spreadsheet table. If you update the spreadsheet table but don't update the app in AppSheet, the data structure won't map back which might produce errors. For example, if the initial version had a a list of locations in column C but you added a new column between B and C, then AppSheet would expect the new column C to also be a location. Refreshing the column structure is the best way to solve any problems here.
  • App Definition Warnings: There might be errors on your app configuration and customization in the App Editor, the details link will indicate any errors to address.
  • Launch Icon: We want you to enhance the end-user experience for your app. The launch icon check will remind you to add a customized icon. If you don't feel like designing a new icon at this point, a search for "free app icons" can give you some inspiration.


  • Updates Allowed: If you are using the "allow user to add entries", "allow user to edit data" or "allow user to delete data" options, in the App Editor, you'll be reminded that any user of your app can add, edit, or delete the data in your spreadsheet via the app. If you only want users to view the data without modifications, you can keep those options off in the App Editor.
  • Requires user sign-in: If you are using the user access control feature, you'll be reminded of it in this section. Your app can still be ready to deploy regardless of your choice. We simply want you to be aware that user access control is on or off.


  • Server Caching: In some cases, you can allow AppSheet to keep a copy of your spreadsheet for up to 5 minutes at a time in order to improve app performance. Performance optimization may be needed on apps with several concurrent users or a large amount of data. If server caching is being used, you'll be reminded of it in this section.
  • App Description: We want you to include a couple of descriptive fields about your app. It will help us understand your specific use-case and allow us to improve our service :)
  • Account Status: If you are using features that would require you to upgrade to a Standard or Premium plan, you'll get a reminder in this page. It will be possible to deploy the app but we'll ask you to upgrade your plan if necessary.

At the bottom of the page you'll see an APP READY or APP NOT READY to deploy. If the app is not ready to deploy, you can still install it on a mobile phone but the app will have an "App In Test Mode: Deployment Check Needed" message on it. If your app is ready to deploy you can mark it as Verified. This means that the app is in great shape and all of your app users will get the latest and greatest version of your app!

Do you have any questions about the Check App utility? Drop us a line in the AppSheet User Community!

Posted by Santiago Uribe on Feb 18, 2015 5:19:01 PM