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Customer Stories: Paul Russo with St. Francis Xavier School


Paul Russo is the IT and Security Coordinator for St. Francis Xavier School, a Phoenix, AZ-based 600-student faith community grounded on Jesuit principles of education. Part of Paul's job is to respond to and address the technological needs of the administration, staff, and teachers at the school. In doing so Paul must devise ways to keep track of requests and issues while simultaneously providing the technical service that will help the school be connected, efficient, and up-to-date with current technologies. Some of his duties include fixing mechanical problems, strengthening connectivity, and helping teachers integrate technology into lesson plans.

"One challenge is communication in getting the right people the right information."

Paul and his team currently use spreadsheets to log technical requests, make notes, and categorize issues according to level of urgency. As one can imagine, these spreadsheets need to contain scores of information that can be readily viewed and accessible as it is shared among Paul's team members. Paul is also interested in identifying trends in the requests from staff and finding better ways to serve collective technology needs.

But a simple spreadsheet doesn't allow for this kind of data reasoning and analysis, as it provides only one flat view of the information contained within. Paul decided he needed an interactive, shareable, and multi-faceted way to view the data he works with each day.

"One of our goals is to organize collected data so we can be proactive in responding to requests in a timely manner."

Because fostering deeper communication within his department is paramount to providing timely assistance, Paul tested out AppSheet in hopes of being able to share his data via a mobile app. He found that by migrating his data into a mobile app environment, he could automate several of the processes he was previously forced to perform manually.

XavierApp1 XavierApp2

His app is in its final stages of development, needing just a couple of necessary tweaks. Once he has implemented the final adjustments, Paul thinks the app will change the way he addresses IT issues on a daily basis. As he says:

"The app will save a significant amount of time, and simplify workflow to the point where we are dealing with issues-- not how to manage information that goes along with the issues."

Paul is planning on deploying the app to the rest of his department colleagues by the end of March.

Posted by Julia Guthrie on Jan 16, 2015 2:06:37 AM

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