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Customer Stories: Stacey Fenton


The Customer

Stacey Fenton is a second-year PhD student studying Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education at Michigan State University. Stacey is not only interested in simplifying her own academic processes, but having worked as an academic advisor at University of Michigan-- is also committed to helping other students and peers find better, more efficient ways to study and get the most from their education.

The Problem

As one would imagine, Stacey's PhD program is text-heavy and requires its students to read published works of all kinds. Over the last one and a half years, Stacey and her colleagues have read almost 300 books, chapters, articles, etc.-- Stacey decided she needed a solution to help catalogue and share all of the required readings for her PhD program. She began to record the readings within a spreadsheet along with detailed summaries of the readings and other resources.

But a simple spreadsheet didn't allow Stacey to view, search, interact with, or share the data in meaningful ways. She needed a solution that would turn her information in the spreadsheet into a user-friendly tool and that would also give her rich functionalities not hosted in a spreadsheet environment.

The Solution

Being data and collaboration-driven, Stacey searched for ways to turn her spreadsheet into a shareable mobile app and came upon AppSheet. After some tinkering and testing on AppSheet's platform, she saw how friendly her data could be represented within a mobile environment, though perhaps not without a little confusion before a key "a-ha" moment.

She says, "This is where I became really excited. At first, some of my information wasn't showing. I thought, what's wrong?! Then I clicked on it [within the app], and it showed the information in this really neat, organized way-- all the information was there, without losing my place in the sheet. That was so cool!"


The Result

Stacey plans to deploy her app within the next few days, and will also hopefully share it with other students in her cohort. So far she's only received enthusiasm for her creation from students who believe this app will help simplify some of their academic challenges. Stacey has even been contemplating creating an academic advising app focused on fostering more meaningful interactions between advisors and students.

Stacey continues to play with the app-building process and is learning a lot along the way. As she says, "AppSheet builds the app for you, gives you the option to deploy even if just to a few folks at first, and then if you want to scale up you have that opportunity. This is perfect."

Thanks, Stacey! We hope you keep building!

Posted by Julia Guthrie on Dec 30, 2014 6:28:39 AM