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Lose the "App-rehension" and Make Your Own Mobile Apps: Part Two

As I continue to build my own mobile apps using AppSheet’s free DIY platform, I realize just how many more of our everyday functions could be simplified by utilizing a mobile application.
Last week you read about my attempt at creating an app to showcase some of my past marketing projects; this week, I built an app to help me manage and share my photography. Here are some screenshots of my app:
My Photo Pad app works great for my own organizational purposes. But then I got to thinking, in what real-life situations might a mobile app like this help to streamline business transactions or foster an organization’s deeper connection with its clients? Going off of the Photo Pad idea, I thought about who might need to share photographs as part of their daily sales tactics.
Using AppSheet's Templates to Build Sales Apps
Say you’re an independent salesperson who sells furniture for multiple organizations. How do you share your companies’ inventory with potential customers, with the ability to showcase new items in catalog fashion the moment they arrive? In addition to the customer-facing functions, you likely also need to be able to keep track of customers and their information as well as log orders. AppSheet's DIY mobile app platform has made this possible. Using AppSheet, anyone can instantly create powerful mobile apps for business solutions like these without the need for an IT department and tens of thousands of dollars. Check it out:
AppSheet’s Order Capture template is already optimized to perform all of these necessary sales functions. As you can see above, the app allows you to exhibit your products, input important customer information, and track your sales. The app can be used as a standalone tool for organization and record keeping, or as a shared application that allows companies and their sales staff to update each other in actual time.
Simply install the app onto your mobile phone as is, or manipulate the spreadsheet to delete or include additional data about the products, customers, and orders.
Do you have any App Ideas, please share in the comments section below!
Posted by Julia Guthrie on Oct 17, 2014 4:22:00 PM