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Dark Data Detected Streaming to Mobile Apps

I was just reading this week that dark matter has been detected streaming from the core of the sun. Cool!

It got me thinking about my work universe. I spend most of my time working on technology for professionals, teams, and organizations, small and large. What's the equivalent of "dark matter" in this business universe?

The "visible matter" is what IT deals with storing data in databases, obsessing with big data, and SaaS companies moving some of this to the cloud. Like the visible matter in the universe though, it is just a small fraction of what's out there.

The dark matter that really makes the business universe tick is the data that each user creates themselves, modifies, shares --- typically in spreadsheets and documents. Massive in quantity, distributed in scope, yet small in granularity. Almost jokingly, I called it "dark data." As it turns out in fact, the term has already gained traction within the technology space to describe data that lives in files, out of the control of IT, on the outer reaches of the Internet.

In keeping with the scientific theme of this post, I conceived four axioms of dark data:

Dark data:

  1. is granular. It is created and consumed at human scale.
  2. captures intelligence. It reflects human thought, intentionally shaping, curating, and adding value to raw data.
  3. is dynamic. It captures the state of projects, businesses, activities.
  4. is DIY. It is created everyday by everyday people.

At AppSheet, we're unlocking the value of dark data with a DIY platform for anyone - yes, anyone - to build mobile apps driven directly from spreadsheets in the cloud. It is easy with no coding involved. It is fast with the entire create-to-deploy process happening in minutes. It is ultra-affordable. And the apps that result are elegant and powerful.

There are more than 500 million spreadsheet users in the world, increasingly saving their data on Dropbox or GoogleDrive. All of them can now create and deploy mobile productivity apps that reflect the information and intelligence in their spreadsheets.

Posted by Praveen on Oct 17, 2014 3:43:00 PM

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