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Julia Guthrie
October 09, 2014

Keep the App, Lose the "App-rehension," and Make Your Own Mobile Apps: Part One

Are you “app-rehensive?” Have you ever been in a situation where you were working with important data—complex or otherwise—and thought to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way to manage, access, and share all of this!”?
I’m Julia, AppSheet’s new Marketing Consultant, and I often find myself in this position. As a marketing professional, I need to be able to share documents, keep track of contacts and events, and tabulate important materials in user-friendly ways that don’t overwhelm me, but instead simplify my day-to-day. On the personal side, as an artist, I need ways to catalogue my art so that it’s organized, always accessible, and even shareable. In essence, I need a mobile app that goes with me everywhere—but how do you make your own app instantly and for free?
Free app maker AppSheet allows me to create beautifully designed, foolproof mobile apps. The apps work specifically to the advantage of my everyday tasks—without the need for technical know-how or IT departments and colossal budgets! It’s DIY at its best.
Check out the first app I created, AppSheet Events, below:
This app was developed using AppSheet's Tourist Guide app template. This was a great place to start, and AppSheet allowed me to input additional data to make the app more functional to my needs. Now I can keep track of events and activities that are important to AppSheet, and update them in real-time while also sharing the information with my colleagues. And, MOST astonishingly, the whole process took this non-tech-person about ten minutes to create!
Check back soon to find out about my next experience creating an app!

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