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 |  September 23, 2014
Welcome to the AppSheet Team blog. We're a startup in Seattle. Check us out at http://www.appsheet.com, or on the iTunes and Google Play app stores by searching for "AppSheet."
We make it easy for you to build rich mobile apps. Let's parse that carefully :-). "You" is anyone and everyone who can use a browser and enter data in a spreadsheet. Every small business, professional, student, parent or child who could use a mobile app for work or for fun. And also every big-company IT person who is tired of big, expensive, long-haul mobile app development projects."Easy" means really easy -- as in the app is created before you know it. No code required, just point at a spreadsheet file on Dropbox or Google Drive and click once. The app is instantly deployed to your phone or tablet. And easy on the wallet too -- AppSheet is free for most uses cases.And "rich" -- your apps will look good, with image galleries, maps, charts and other touch-enabled presentation modes.

Your apps can use forms and capture inputs using the camera, a scanner, signature reader, or regular text. There's no problem if you are offline -- your apps still work and sync up later with your backend data.

Finally, you can customize the theme of the app to reflect your brand, and we even provide a whitelabel service to register your own named app in the iTunes or Google Play App Store.

Our service opens a public beta in October. While we're still refining the examples and adding some polish, the site is up and running today. So do try it out and give us your feedback. We'd love to hear from you.

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