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Julia Guthrie
July 26, 2016

10 Ways Mobility is Revolutionizing Manufacturing


It's no secret: mobile technology is changing the way people work. This doesn't just cover its most evident purposes, like food delivery or gaming; but mobile tech is increasingly translating its worth across all industries. It's especially advantageous in fields where recording information on paper isn't conducive to safety or productivity.

Enter the manufacturing industry. 

Jobs in manufacturing require workers' full attention. They're reporting important information at every step of the way, working with heavy and dangerous machinery, overseeing complicated processes, and operating around hazardous materials. In this setting, recording and displaying important data the traditional way is inconvenient and unwise. 

In his article, 10 Ways Mobility is Revolutionizing Manufacturing, Louis Columbus gives a framework for how mobile technology is changing the manufacturing industry and revolutionizing jobs in the field. 

For one, mobile solutions are making it infinitely easier to manage and report on inventory. Columbus writes about an aerospace manufacturer that is saving thousands of hours per year in inventory management with an enterprise-wide mobile reporting system. These saved hours have translated into thousands of dollars worth in savings for the company. 

Another benefit the industry is seeing via mobile technology is the ability to track and identify maintenance needs immediately. In manufacturing, if one piece of equipment is malfunctioning, often a whole process is put on hold. Repair staff needs this information in real-time to be able to act quickly. Mobile tech makes it possible to find these defects right away, keeping production lines running smoothly and efficiently.

Head over to Forbes to read the more about why mobile is revolutionizing the manufacturing field.

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