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The 9 Best App Analytics Tools

Ever wondered why the number of people using your app suddenly dropped? Or why your app isn’t generating as much revenue as you thought it would? Blind guessing will not help. But if you implement an analytics tool in your app, the answer could be revealed to you quickly and effectively.

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The 6 App Development Best Practices To Follow When Using AppSheet

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Apps Aren’t Just For Smartphones Any More

As smart technology permeates our society, powering our wearables, homes, cars, and other IoT devices, apps to drive are also on the rise.  In fact, a recent report by VisionMobile said that out of the 4.5 million people identified as IoT developers in 2015, 1.4 million were focused on smart home apps. According to VisionMobile’s IoT Megatrends 2016 report, there are seven distinct IoT areas that app developers work in—smart home, retail, industrial, wearables, smart city, medical and connected car—with the opportunities offered by connected homes a clear favorite.

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5 Key Practices To Enable Citizen Developers

As the demand for mobile apps escalates and tech users become increasingly tech-savvy, developers are seeing a dramatic shift in the role of IT from being “prescriptive” to “predictive” in nature. While traditional IT departments may tend to demonize citizen development, it can actually be a path to greater success for an organization by empowering others outside of IT to build apps that inspire a culture of problem-solving across the entire organization.

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How UI Design Can Make or Break Your App

Gone are the days when customers would visit stores to inquire and to buy products and services. Thanks to the internet revolution, customers are now able to visit stores virtually to view items and to purchase them from anywhere, at any time. This transformation has been expedited in part by the mobile movement. With smartphones, tablets, phablets and mobile devices, e-commerce and e-business will continue to thrive. For this reason, mobile app development will be on the rise.

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