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5 Reasons Why You Must Have Your Own Business Apps

Making your own business apps may have crossed your mind but the expense, effort and not knowing where to begin may have quickly doused that dream. However, the benefits of a customized app and the convenience of a  mobile app maker have taken any negative arguments off the table. Here are five reasons why you need to have your own apps:

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DIY Mobile Apps: To Infinity and Beyond

Whenever I'd whine about doing chores as a child, my grandma would always say, "If we can put a man on the moon, you can make your bed." I grew up hating the "if we can put a man on the moon" schtick; but now, my grandma's words echo more loudly than ever.

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This November, vote app?

Once again it is election season. I live in King County, WA, home of Microsoft, Amazon, and a variety of other tech companies. In fact, two ex-Microsoft employees are running for Congress from my district: Suzan Delbene and Pedro Celis. Pedro was my former manager and colleague at Microsoft, in fact, so I keep track of this particular race.

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A Home-Grown Mobile App to Bolster Grown-Up Hiring

Ever poured over a job contract and noticed the word “unlimited” next to the vacation allowance section? Well, I haven’t but, I assure you, this is a thing. And this thing is taking off within many forward-thinking companies like The Virgin Group, Netflix, and VMware right now.
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AppSheet Launches DIY Platform for Anyone to Create Mobile Apps From Spreadsheets

We are happy to announce the launch of AppSheet, our DIY platform for mobile apps. Anyone can create, deploy, and share mobile apps by simply creating a spreadsheet. Try building an app yourself today at Below is the official news release:

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